About Us

Cancer Genomics Education Program

In the Division of Clinical Cancer Genomics, we are committed to equipping health care professionals with the knowledge and skills to help patients understand their personal cancer risk.

To provide the best cancer risk assessment, clinicians must keep up with new technologies and tools. Our Clinical Cancer Genomics Education Program offers a series of comprehensive learning tools for primary care physicians and other health care professionals.

These resources include:

  • comprehensive training
  • educational courses
  • case-based workshops and case conferencing
  • cancer genomics update conferences

Additionally, members of our Clinical Cancer Genomics Community of Practice (CCGCoP) program receive continuing professional development and point-of-care support through dynamic web-based & live activities and networking.

Members have access to the latest information on:

  • cancer molecular genetics and genomics
  • understanding genetic cancer risk assessment and the genetic testing process
  • cancer predisposition genes and syndromes
  • technological advances
  • ethical, legal and social complexities of genetic testing