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The Clinical Cancer Genomics (CCG) Community of Practice brings cancer genomics practitioners from diverse practice settings together for professional learning, enduring patient-centered support and dynamic community-based research collaborations to promote quality care and improved patient outcomes across the U.S. and internationally.


Membership in the CCGCoP is initiated through completion of one our Intensive Course in Cancer Risk Assessment, delivered annually from late-October through mid-February.

The Intensive Course in Cancer Risk Assessment is supported in part by funding from the National Cancer Institute of the National Institutes of Health under award numbers R25 CA112486 and R25 CA171998

CCG Working Group

The CCG Working Group is a CME-accredited interdisciplinary cancer genetics case conference series conducted each week by the City of Hope clinical team.

TICGR - Topics in Cancer Genomics Research

Topics in Clinical Cancer Genomics is a weekly one-hour CME-accredited Web-conference seminar series focused on timely issues in clinical cancer genomics, cancer epidemiology and cancer genomics research, alternating between didactic lectures, case-based literature reviews and basic research journal club.

The Cancer Genomics Community Discussion Board (for CCGCoP members)

The Cancer Genomics Community Discussion Board is a Web-based forum for collaborative, interdisciplinary practice-based support and continuing professional learning.

Clinical Cancer Genomics Community Research Network

A large research group of over 40 collaborating sites in the 40 collaborating sites in the United States, Mexico and South America. As members of the Clinical Cancer Genomics Community Research Network, research collaborators can use the message board and forums to post questions and communicate with other members in the network.